Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition

Our Mission:

to improve and maintain the health of Georgia’s families by protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding


Breastfeeding is a valuable Georgia resource. Not only is breastfeeding the normal way to feed infants and young children, It’s an essential component of public health. Georgia families deserve a coordinated system of care that offers assistance from pre-conception to weaning. The right of mothers to breastfeed should be protected.

Mothers have the right to make an informed choice in how they feed their babies.

Healthcare providers and facilities are responsible for supporting breastfeeding as the normal method of infant and young child feeding. Providing support for breastfeeding employees is good for business in Georgia. Peer support is a critical component in breastfeeding success. Together we can continue to make breastfeeding the cultural and social norm throughout Georgia.

make breastfeeding the cultural and social norm throughout Georgia